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  • We will take care of Genba Kaizen, Genba instruction and seminar concerning TPS (Toyota Production System).
  • Toyota Engineering Corporation is a group of managers and engineers from
    Toyota Motor Corporation, having a lot of experience and skill.
    Instruction of strengthening management foundation: Productivity, technology,
    business development ability, managerial ability etc.
    Total-TPS education, training, from new product design to process design, equipment design,
    equipment procurement, process maintenance, quality assurance and mass production.

    • Instruction and seminar of the managing of an enterprise
    • ①Instruction of the managing (TMS)
      ②Visualization management
      ③Cost design, management and reduction
      ④Policy management
      ⑤Quality into Process (QIP) of operation
      ⑥Revitalization of workplace and people
      ⑦Production management
      ⑧Managing design and development (TDS)
    • Seminars for company
    • ①Seminar in products development and design
      ②Seminar in production preparation (process plan and equipment plan)
      ③Seminar in manufacturing preparation
      ④Seminar in Toyota Production System (TPS)
      ・The basis of TPS
      ・The outline of TOTAL-TPS
      ・Quality Kaizen and Quality Assurance
      ・Revitalizing people, workplace and company ・Process Kaizen Seminar
      ・Process Kaizen Training Seminar
      ・Seminar in Logistics Kaizen (Kanban)
      ・Kanban Training Seminar

    • GBM
    • ①To clarify Global factory class of your factory.
      ②To clarify strengths and weaknesses of your factory.
      ③To find improvement point and reform your factory.
      ④To clarify vision and future target of your factory.

    • Consultation of factory Kaizen (by TOTAL-TPS)
    • After GBM, we suggest and instruct Kaizen following;
      ①Instruction in 5S
      ②Instruction in Quality Kaizen and Quality Assurance
      ③Instruction in revitalizing people, workplace and company
      ④Instruction in Process Kaizen
      ⑤Instruction in Logistics Kaizen
      ⑥Introduction and instruction of Kanban
      ⑦Instruction in production preparation and manufacturing preparation (by TPS)

    • Feature of TOTAL-TPS
    • ①TPS promotion and visualization management by Obeya
      ②Revitalizing people and revitalizing workplace
      ③Indexing the degree of Kaizen of TPS
      ④TPS that all members participate in

    Status of company that Kaizen aims at. [Target]

    Toyota Engineering Corporation
    Toyota Engineering Corporation

    Head Office / Kawana Training Center
    5-45-1 Nagato-cho Showa-ku NAGOYA 466-0848
    TEL +81-52-842-2080 FAX +81-52-842-2081

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