Privacy Policy

Toyota Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) establishes Privacy Policy as following, and promotes the personal information protection by enforcing recognition and action of the personal information protection on all employees.

Management of Personal Information

Our company shall take necessary control of security for personal information protection such as security system maintenance, management system maintenance, employee education etc. to maintain personal data accurate and up to date and to prevent an illicit access, loss, damage, manipulation, leakage.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Our company use customer's personal information for sending e-mails and documents as provision of information, guidance of work and response to question.

Limitation of Provision to a third party

Our company shall not provide personal information to a third party without consent from the person except the following cases;
1. Cases in which there is the customer’s consent
2. Cases in which the provision of information is necessary for disclosing to outsourcing agency for the service which customer’s requests
3. Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws

Security Control Measures

Our company shall take necessary control of security for personal information protection.

Disclosure of Personal Information

When you request “disclosure,” “correction,” “suspend usage” of personal information etc., our company will respond after confirming your identity.

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Rules, and Review

Our company comply with applicable laws and rules applying personal information, and review content of this policy appropriately.


For inquiries about personal information disclosure, contact us at the following location:

Toyota Engineering Corporation

Head office / Kawana training center 5-45-1 Nagato-cho Showa-ku Nagoya city Aichi 466-0848
TEL:+81-52-842-2080 FAX:+81-52-842-2081

Toyota Engineering Corporation

Head Office / Kawana Training Center
5-45-1 Nagato-cho Showa-ku NAGOYA 466-0848
TEL +81-52-842-2080 FAX +81-52-842-2081

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